Nick Rodenbeck

Nick is a certified sommelier who began his journey in the bustling wine scene of New York City. Since 2012, he has called California home, where his passion for wine and fine dining flourishes. Known for his discerning palate and love for exceptional restaurants, Nick has singlehandedly influenced the Michelin star ratings of several establishments he has been a part of. His insights and expertise elevate The Tannin Times, making every article rich and informative.

Pablo Lehay

Pablo is our tech guru, building smart homes during the day and a connoisseur of fine food and beverage by night. His strong drive for technology and culinary excellence makes him the ideal choice for managing operations at The Tannin Times. With his expertise, Pablo ensures everything runs seamlessly behind the scenes, allowing us to deliver top-notch wine experiences to our readers.

Gilda Glitterbug

Gilda is our beloved office feline and honorary editor, serving as the cheerleader and mascot of The Tannin Times. While she may not write articles, her presence adds a touch of whimsy and joy to our team. Gilda’s playful spirit keeps everyone’s morale high, making her an essential part of our office family.

Jenna Cawsworth

Jenna is the vibrant heart of The Tannin Times, excelling in social and vendor/client relations. Her knack for building strong relationships and her lively personality make her indispensable. Jenna’s enthusiasm for connecting with people and fostering partnerships helps us grow and reach new heights in the wine community.

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